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The Services ReLive Inc - Who are we?

The Services ReLive Inc

The Services ReLive Inc is a company specialized in helping older adults with the entire moving process. We are your advocate as we manage all the details and physical aspects of your move. You choose the options that fit your needs. You remain involved in decision making; we make it happen for you.


From organizing and downsizing the current home, space planning the furniture layout for the new home, packing the contents of the home securely, overseeing a qualified moving company, and then unpacking every box and hanging all the pictures, les Services ReLive makes the transition from one home to another seamless.

Service Areas: We service primarily The Greater Montreal Area. We will drive within a one hour radius of Montreal to work with you. Special arrangements will be made if you require us to travel outside of this area.


ReLive is a dynamic company that offers a new concept for senior citizens in need; we offer a personalized service, adapted to each client’s needs. Our company offers a service that has the respect and empathy toward the client and has the know-how to serve you best.

The Services ReLive Inc


Dear Rodica,

Yes, you have become dear.

Preparing our mother's house for sale, while she is in an old folks home, seemed to my sister and I, just another sad page of a life history. And such an immense task. But from the beginning of our encounter with you, you understood what feelings we were going through. You acknowledged them with empathy and helped us through the process, step by step. We felt taken care of, hugs and comforting meal time with music and jokes all included. You even offered bouquets of violets fo us both, confident that we could work through the inevitable hurdles of trying to share mother's belongings equitably between us. ReLive is not an ordinary "moving company".

Of course, you let my sister and I decide what could be trashed, recycled, kept or donated. But, when needed, we could always depend on your insight. And we could count on you to respect what recyclers we preferred (in our case Renaissance, which fits so well with your company name, by the way!).

You drove me to the locksmith, drove me home in rain and slush, gave me a CD to remember.

You found a person to estimate the value of mother's belongings when we needed one and you were always willing to find a solution for ou problems. You kept your good nature no matter if the task at hand was overfilled closets, the garage or the basement.

Your colleagues were also kind and nice to be with and contributed to the family atmosphere.

You are practical and you have a heart. We relied on both qualities.

Many, many thanks to you and your team. May you have success in your business/mission of helping others during these "moving times!

Pamela Walden-Landry

Montreal, April 8,2011


Good morning Rodica,

I love your creativity and ingenuity in setting up this lovely environment in the living room. You are certainly looks like anyone would love to sit down for a spot of tea!

Danielle, March 23, 2011

WOW!!!! You and your crew have done and amazing job transforming the basement, furnace room, and laundry room. I know the effort to sift through everything has been extraordinary. I cannot thank you enough on behalf of all of us. I look forward to seeing you when I come. Many many thanks.


Good morning Rodica

Thank you for all of your help with my parents move. My sister mentioned how kind and understanding you were with my parents. It is much appreciated.

Linda Tierney,

Feb. 10, 2011


I don’t know if you remember me, Rachel Hoffman.  I’m living at Le Savignon for 6 months now and I can’t thank you enough for bringing me to this place.

I just wanted to let you know you made a good placement when you took me here.

You can use the above as endorsement for future clients.

I hope you are well

Rachel Hoffman

Montreal, August 4, 2015



I have to say that when I visited the residence last Saturday with my daughter, I almost cried when I saw the size of my apartment. I just did not want my daughter to see me cry.

Today, when we came in after you and your team finished the work, I could not believe it was the same apartment... it was so wonderful and cozy !

Many thanks

Theresa Daly

Montreal, 7 Feb. 2017


I know it`s your job, but I want to Thank you again for a wonderful job and good conversations. Much appreciated.

Karen Koshamba

Jan. 28, 2016


Hi Rodica

I can't thank you enough for all you did for me. Lots of work and hand holding. I am so much better off because of you.

Lynne Aronson,

14 April 2016